December 28, 2012

If I have a super power....

          I guess 90% of us want to be a superhero including me. If I have a super power, I would like to do many things and for sure it must be good things. I was always dreaming to have a super power since I was a kid. I do not know whether other persons have the same dream as me or not because one person's meat is another person's poison. Spiderman inspires me to have a super power. I wanted to help people in trouble.

          I will use my super power to reduce the number of villains in this world. This is the only chance to show that I am strong. Opportunity knocks but once. I want to fight against the wick villains with all the super powers I have. If can, I would like to make the villains extinct in this world so the world will be peaceful and harmony. I hope that my super power is good enough to make these real.

          If I have a super power, I would like to fly up at the sky like birds. I will feel free and all of my problems will be out of my mind. It is good if I can fly because it is my dream to see houses, buildings, oceans, forests and others from the sky. Family is my priority. So, I will use my super power to make them fly too. It will be great holiday if we fly in the sky while seeing fascinating view below.

          My friends are always making jokes of me. They say I was skinny and have nothing. Maybe I am skinny but I can fly, can fight against strong people, and can defeat the villains but they can't. So, do not judge a book by its cover. I have always wanted to be invisible so no one can see me. Despite that, I will not use this power to do something bad. If I see someone does a bad thing, I will fly and chase after him as an invisible man. He will regret for what he has done.

         If I was as strong as superman, I can make heavy things as light as cotton wool. I will help people in need if they cannot bring heavy loads. If people want to move to other place, they might need my help. I can help them lift their beloved houses to the place they want. This way can make a lot of girls get attracted to me. I can do my charity works while finding a girl which is suitable to be my girlfriend.

          The main reason I want to have a super power is that i want to help people in natural disasters. Natural disasters such as land slides, flash flood or earthquake may kill many people around this world. I will help these people to move to safer places before the disaster happens. I will move them as soon as possible because prevention is better than cure. I must help them with sincerity. I will help them with full of compassion and patience. I do not want to see people easily killed by disasters that come suddenly.

          Lastly, I want to admit that super power is good but it has to be used wisely. I have proven that super power does a lot of benefits. If I have a super power, what I would like to do is just the good things such as helping people and others. It has been my dream since I was a kid to have a super power. I am very grateful if I have a super power. I want to be like Spiderman, Superman, Batman, and other superheroes.

The Avengers

November 2, 2012

He Had Such Quiet Eyes

He Had Such Quiet Eyes by Bibsy Soenharjo

He had such quiet eyes

She did not realize

They were two pools of lies

Layered with thinnest eyes

To her, those quiet eyes

Were breathing desolate sighs

Imploring her to be nice

And to render him paradise

If only she'd been wise

And had listened to the advice

Never to compromise

With pleasure seeking guys

She'd be free from "the hows and whys"

Now here's a bit of advice

Be sure that nice really means nice

Then you'll never be losing at dice

Though you may lose your heart once or twice

September 15, 2012

Childhood ♥

Childhood is the most lovely moment of my life so far. Being a child, is a dream of every person on this planet, I think. Even if an adult that is facing pressure will also feels to go back to childhood. The same goes for me. I really missed my lovely childhood. No one can snatch it from me. I make friends with everyone, playing with them, fighting for the things trivial and I think all the memories are very sweet. I believe adults and teenagers do not experience such things.

I remember when I was little, I used to hang out with my brothers’ friends too because I live in an apartment and we were very close. I was also close with friends of my parents, they are my beloved neighbors too.  We like a happy family. I used to play football and I still remember when one of my brother's friends kicked the ball, it almost hits my head but I managed to avoid and I am very happy and proud to be able to avoid being hit by the ball. It is funny when I am very happy to be able to avoid the ball. I thought I was a hero.

Playing marbles is one of my favorite games when I was a kid. I used to play marbles with my friends and I always win. This game can actually improve the relationship between our friends. I often spend my money just to buy marbles. That was very funny. I enjoyed playing marbles.

And I will never forget that I will not miss watching Dragon Ball cartoons on every weekend. At that time, that is my favorite cartoons. I love the main character, Goku because he is very strong and he sometimes funny. That is why I like to watch Dragon Ball. I once did not help my mother because I want to watch it. How evil I am.

Who says childhood no fighting. In my childhood, a lot of fights occur between me and my friends. But our fight is not overly detrimental. We do not produce words that hurt others, not fighting, using dangerous weapons and so on. Often, we will report our fight to our parents weeping. I used to cry as a child. Yes, I admit it.

However, after growing up, my life changed. Childhood I lost. Now the responsibility as a teenager was a burden to me. Various things happen unlike what happened during childhood. Joy as a kid before this fades gradually. Joy as a teenager was that manifests in me. But it's still not the same as before.

Marbles game depleted through time. Children now prefer sophisticated gadgets, modern gadgets such as iPad, iPhone, and computers unlike the first children that prefer outdoor games that make our body healthier. These changes are in line with world trends in the world of technology.

As a teenager, I sometimes think of the sins that I have made to Allah. Too much sin that I've done. I'm grateful I'm still alive in this world, and I hope that Allah will forgive all the sins I have done. I was once a very angry person but I want to forget that and make amends. As a Muslim, I always reflect the oppressed Muslims, particularly in Palestine and Syria. I hope that we pray for the safety and happiness of our brothers and sisters there.

Back to my childhood. I always dream to be back in time even though I know it is impossible. I miss those days so much.

With that I thank you. Assalamualaikum =)

May 25, 2012

STOP Plagiarism

Assalamualaikum =) Jawab jawab ! Last update 11 FEBRUARI 2012 ! Ahha ~ Haha lama gilaa tak bukak blog cantik ni. Harini, lepas aku bersihkan habuk2, sarang2 yang berbagai-bagai kat blog ni, maka aku pon rasa macam nak conteng sikitsikit kat sini. Maka dengan itu terjadilah perbualan antara 2 pihak. K merepek -,- K k nak ceghita sikitlah pasal golongan-golongan yang wujud semasa peperiksaan sedang dijalankan. Sejak dari darjah 1 lagi aku tengok macam-macam perangai keluor time exam. Antaranya :

1. Golongan yang bermata Mr. Bean. (boleh juga dikenali sebagai golongan yang panjang leher)

Haa golongan ni paling banyak aku jumpa. (<,<) (>,>) (<,<) Siapa yang ada mata macamni tak mustahil result dia sangat cemerlang ~ Orang-orang macamni biasanya study tak habis + terdesak nak dapat markah tinggi. Macam mana aku tahu? Aku tahulah sebab aku pon pernah buat hahak ^^ tapi tu cerita lama, sekarang tak buat lagi dah =)

2. Golongan yang tidur.

Haa benda macamni memang dah tak boleh nak elak lagi dah. Setiap kali exam golongan ni CONFIRM ada. Ngantuk sangat lettew agaknya. Maklumlah study sampai pukul 3-4 pagi, mana taknya kan. Kalau dah tidur tu nampak sangat yakin boleh cemerlang. Bagus bagus. Actually aku pon pernah tidur time exam -,-

3. Golongan yang guna kalkulator time paper yang takde kena-mengena dengan matematik.

Haa yang ni paling lawak. Kadang-kadang masa exam BM dengan BI pon nak guna kalkulator. Mungkin mereka nak agak-agak markah mereka kot. #pikir positif. Biasanya diorang buat macamni masa jawab soalan objektif. Kenapa tak guna sempoa je. Don't try this at home! *memanglah tak boleh try kat rumah, kat rumah takde exam lah bijak pandai* dah merepek =='

4. Golongan yang mintak stapler.

Biasanya benda ni jadi time dah nak habis masa or dah habis pon masanya. Siapa yang takde stapler tuhh memang kelam-kabut laa. Mintak orang kanan, takde. Mintak kiri, takde. Nak mintak belakang segan pulak sebab kat belakang tu perempuan. Mintak depan, orang depan cakap dah pass kat orang lain. Haa memang menangis lah siapa yang takde stapler tu. Aku ada, kau ada? ^^

5. Golongan yang ketawa or tersenyum-senyum lepas habis masa.

Hahak aku paling geli hati tengok orang macamni. Taktau lah apa yang ada dalam fikiran diorang. Soalan senang sangat ke? Yakin dapat A ke? Atau dah tahu confirm2 tak dapat A? Wallahua'lam ~

6. Golongan yang bawak phone. (bukan public phone)

Em mungkin sebab nak tanya jawapan kot. Atau mungkin saje2 bawak. Em ntahlah. So far belum nampak lagi orang macamni. No comment!

7. Golongan yang salah faham dengan perkataan LIHAT SEBELAH kat kertas soalan.

Faham-faham sendiri lah yerk ^^

8. Golongan yang memerhatikan orang lain. (ibu segala golongan)

Kalau takde golongan ni, mesti tak tahu kewujudan golongan2 atasan ni ye dak. Aku mengaku tergolong dalam golongan terbaik ni :3 haha. Perhatikan orang lain bukan sebab nak tiru ke apa ke. Tapi semata-mata nak release tension. Kadang-kadang perhatikan orang lain sebab nak fikir jawapan. Seronok tengok gelagat mereka mereka yang berbagai-bagai tuhh ~

February 11, 2012

9 Mimpi Rasulullah SAW.

Assalamualaikum ;)

Harini aku nak share sikit2 berkenaan dengan mimpi Nabi Muhammad SAW :

9 Mimpi Nabi Muhammad SAW

Daripada Abdul Rahman Bin Samurah ra berkata, Nabi Muhammad saw bersabda:

"Sesungguhnya aku telah mengalami mimpi-mimpi yang menakjubkan pada malam aku sebelum di Israqkan........"

1. Aku telah melihat seorang dari umatku telah di datang oleh malaikatul maut dengan keadaan yg amat mengerunkan untuk mengambil nyawanya,maka malaikat itu terhalang perbuatannya itu disebabkan oleh KETAATAN DAN KEPATUHANNYA KEPADA KEDUA IBUBAPANYA.

2. Aku melihat seorang dari umatku telah disediakan azab kubur yang amat menyiksakan, diselamatkan oleh berkat WUDUKNYA YANG SEMPURNA.

3. Aku melihat seorang dari umatku sedang dikerumuni oleh syaitan-syaitan dan iblis-iblis lakhnatullah, maka ia diselamatkan dengan berkat ZIKIRNYA YANG TULUS IKHLAS kepada Allah.

4. Aku melihat bagaimana umatku diseret dengan rantai yang diperbuat daripada api neraka jahanam yang dimasukkan dari mulut dan dikeluarkan rantai tersebut ke duburnya oleh malaikut Ahzab,tetapi SOLATNYA YANG KHUSUK DAN TIDAK MENUNJUK-NUNJUK telah melepaskannya dari seksaan itu.

5. Aku melihat umatku ditimpa dahaga yang amat berat, setiap kali dia mendatangi satu telaga di halang dari meminumnya,ketika itu datanglah pahala PUASANYA YANG IKHLAS KEPADA ALLAH SWT memberi minum hingga ia merasa puas.

6. Aku melihat umatku cuba untuk mendekati kumpulan para nabi yang sedang duduk berkumpulan-kumpulan, setiap kali dia datang dia akan diusir, maka menjelmalah MANDI JUNUB DENGAN RUKUN YANG SEMPURNANYA sambil ke kumpulanku seraya duduk disebelahku.

7. Aku melihat seorang dari umatku berada di dalam keadan gelap gelita di sekelilingnya, sedangkan dia sendiri di dalam keadaan binggung, maka datanglah pahala HAJI DAN UMRAHNYA YANG IKHLAS KEPADA ALLAH SWT lalu mengeluarkannya dari kegelapan kepada tempat yang terang-benderang.

8. Aku melihat umatku cuba berbicara dengan golongan orang mukmin tetapi mereka tidak pun membalas bicaranya,maka menjelmalah SIFAT SILATURRAHIMNYA DAN TIDAK SUKA BERMUSUH-MUSUHAN SESAMA UMATKU lalu menyeru kepada mereka agar menyambut bicaranya,lalu berbicara mereka dengannya.

9. Aku melihat umatku sedang menepis-nepis percikan api ke mukanya, maka segeralah menjelma pahala SEDEKAHNYA YANG IKHLAS KERANA ALLAH SWT lalu menabir muka dan kepalanya dari bahaya api tersebut.


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February 7, 2012

Form 4 : Honeymoon?

You'll Never Walk Alone

Assalamualaikum guys ! ;)

Ignore the picture above. Dah lama tak update this blog yeah. Ramai yang suruh update blog ni 3 orang je pon. Dan aku sendiri taktau topik apa yang nak dibahaskan kat sini. Aku tengok budak Form 3 ( Ifwat & Fatin ) kemain lagi update blog diorang. Aku tak se'expert' mereka. HAHA.. Tapi, demi tidak menghampakan dan mengecewakan harapan mereka mereka yang nak sangat tengok blog aku yang biasabiasa ni xD Maka, TERPAKSAlah aku taiptaip sikit kat sini. Cewahh. ~

K nak cakap sikit pasal form 4 ni. Many of us said that Form 4 is the year of honeymoon. Tapi aku tak rasa macam tu. Setelah lebih kurang sebulan belajar sebagai pelajar tingkatan 4, aku rasa tahun ni tahun yang sukar. Haa! Homework BANYAK kena siapkan. Sape form 4 yang tak banyak homework?? Ce cite sikit. Aku rasa takde, masa form 4 ni lah kita nak kena kerja keras. Masa tingkatan 4 kita dah banyaak homeworkss, cuba bayangkan kalau korang dah tingkatan 5.. Aku rasa 2 kali ganda homeworks yang menunggu untuk disiapkan. Haa gittuw. Jadi, kalau form 4 ni dah banyak homework yang perlu dilunaskan, aku rasa istilah honeymoon tu dah tak sesuai lagi dah.

Ada jugak yang cakap form 4 ni honeymoon sebab masa ni lah nak bercintan-cintun. Ada ke gittuw? Belajarlah sampai habis dulu kalau nak bercinta pon. Form 4 ni bukanlah besar sangat pon. Kanak-kanak lagi. Tapi aku tak. Eheh! Belajar sampai pandai dulu yerp! Lepastu belajar tinggi2, lepastu jadi usahawan, lepastu dapat income tinggi. Lepastu baru cari calon isteri. Hehek...

Hmmm, that's all for today.

~> What is bad comes from me and what is good comes from Allah S.W.T. <~