January 29, 2013


My school will organize a lot of science competition this week due to Science Festival. There will be an event that we called as Science Show.

In my class, there is a student named 'D' that has been involved or represented our school in Science Show competition in 2012. So, my friend and I just pointing to her to make her as a representative for our class. Unfortunately, she refused.

She wants me to take part in this competition but I also refused.

In the evening, I accidentally met 'D' at public phone and she told me to take part in this show. She even say this to me,

"Kau lah hero aku Haziq"

and I replied,

"Aku hero untuk orang lain"

January 27, 2013

"kita ada homework ke?"

I have a lot of homework. But... but..... I feel like I don't want to do all that annoying homework lol.. Every time my teachers want to give homework, I feel like *urgh* while making poker face. I don't know why but when my math teacher opens the text book at the end of the period, I can smell something fishy. Yes! She's gonna give us homework. And we must finish all of that because it's not the teachers that will take SPM, it is me. :'(

But most of my class members purposefully forget about a pail of homework that we get. And when I want to do my homework, I shall ask my friend,

"bro, kita ada homework apa je?"

and his answer is,

"kita ada homework ke?"

If you know what I mean.