December 28, 2012

If I have a super power....

          I guess 90% of us want to be a superhero including me. If I have a super power, I would like to do many things and for sure it must be good things. I was always dreaming to have a super power since I was a kid. I do not know whether other persons have the same dream as me or not because one person's meat is another person's poison. Spiderman inspires me to have a super power. I wanted to help people in trouble.

          I will use my super power to reduce the number of villains in this world. This is the only chance to show that I am strong. Opportunity knocks but once. I want to fight against the wick villains with all the super powers I have. If can, I would like to make the villains extinct in this world so the world will be peaceful and harmony. I hope that my super power is good enough to make these real.

          If I have a super power, I would like to fly up at the sky like birds. I will feel free and all of my problems will be out of my mind. It is good if I can fly because it is my dream to see houses, buildings, oceans, forests and others from the sky. Family is my priority. So, I will use my super power to make them fly too. It will be great holiday if we fly in the sky while seeing fascinating view below.

          My friends are always making jokes of me. They say I was skinny and have nothing. Maybe I am skinny but I can fly, can fight against strong people, and can defeat the villains but they can't. So, do not judge a book by its cover. I have always wanted to be invisible so no one can see me. Despite that, I will not use this power to do something bad. If I see someone does a bad thing, I will fly and chase after him as an invisible man. He will regret for what he has done.

         If I was as strong as superman, I can make heavy things as light as cotton wool. I will help people in need if they cannot bring heavy loads. If people want to move to other place, they might need my help. I can help them lift their beloved houses to the place they want. This way can make a lot of girls get attracted to me. I can do my charity works while finding a girl which is suitable to be my girlfriend.

          The main reason I want to have a super power is that i want to help people in natural disasters. Natural disasters such as land slides, flash flood or earthquake may kill many people around this world. I will help these people to move to safer places before the disaster happens. I will move them as soon as possible because prevention is better than cure. I must help them with sincerity. I will help them with full of compassion and patience. I do not want to see people easily killed by disasters that come suddenly.

          Lastly, I want to admit that super power is good but it has to be used wisely. I have proven that super power does a lot of benefits. If I have a super power, what I would like to do is just the good things such as helping people and others. It has been my dream since I was a kid to have a super power. I am very grateful if I have a super power. I want to be like Spiderman, Superman, Batman, and other superheroes.

The Avengers