September 15, 2012

Childhood ♥

Childhood is the most lovely moment of my life so far. Being a child, is a dream of every person on this planet, I think. Even if an adult that is facing pressure will also feels to go back to childhood. The same goes for me. I really missed my lovely childhood. No one can snatch it from me. I make friends with everyone, playing with them, fighting for the things trivial and I think all the memories are very sweet. I believe adults and teenagers do not experience such things.

I remember when I was little, I used to hang out with my brothers’ friends too because I live in an apartment and we were very close. I was also close with friends of my parents, they are my beloved neighbors too.  We like a happy family. I used to play football and I still remember when one of my brother's friends kicked the ball, it almost hits my head but I managed to avoid and I am very happy and proud to be able to avoid being hit by the ball. It is funny when I am very happy to be able to avoid the ball. I thought I was a hero.

Playing marbles is one of my favorite games when I was a kid. I used to play marbles with my friends and I always win. This game can actually improve the relationship between our friends. I often spend my money just to buy marbles. That was very funny. I enjoyed playing marbles.

And I will never forget that I will not miss watching Dragon Ball cartoons on every weekend. At that time, that is my favorite cartoons. I love the main character, Goku because he is very strong and he sometimes funny. That is why I like to watch Dragon Ball. I once did not help my mother because I want to watch it. How evil I am.

Who says childhood no fighting. In my childhood, a lot of fights occur between me and my friends. But our fight is not overly detrimental. We do not produce words that hurt others, not fighting, using dangerous weapons and so on. Often, we will report our fight to our parents weeping. I used to cry as a child. Yes, I admit it.

However, after growing up, my life changed. Childhood I lost. Now the responsibility as a teenager was a burden to me. Various things happen unlike what happened during childhood. Joy as a kid before this fades gradually. Joy as a teenager was that manifests in me. But it's still not the same as before.

Marbles game depleted through time. Children now prefer sophisticated gadgets, modern gadgets such as iPad, iPhone, and computers unlike the first children that prefer outdoor games that make our body healthier. These changes are in line with world trends in the world of technology.

As a teenager, I sometimes think of the sins that I have made to Allah. Too much sin that I've done. I'm grateful I'm still alive in this world, and I hope that Allah will forgive all the sins I have done. I was once a very angry person but I want to forget that and make amends. As a Muslim, I always reflect the oppressed Muslims, particularly in Palestine and Syria. I hope that we pray for the safety and happiness of our brothers and sisters there.

Back to my childhood. I always dream to be back in time even though I know it is impossible. I miss those days so much.

With that I thank you. Assalamualaikum =)


fadhil ishak said...

wahh , how lucky i am to be the 1st commentator for your Blogspot, Ahmad Haziq .

Anonymous said...

catchy . =)

NURUL HR said...

haha. saying that, lelaki teenager acane pun, buat lasak-2 main sepak-2 aku rasa okay lagi kott. but for girls, you can see with your eyes didn't you ? girls having through a lot of difference in their life. thought. i'm having such that challenging life.