April 8, 2013

Someone ate my rabbit.

Assalamualaikum :)

Morning :*

Do not disturb.

I used to have rabbits. I love rabbits. They are so cute. They make me happy every time I see them playing around between their siblings.

This is my cute little rabbits. Just look at their eyes :)

      My little brother and my giant brother are the starter to make rabbits as our pet. They plan to buy rabbits, not a rabbit because baby rabbit can't be produced from a rabbit but two rabbits. Hehe. So they buy the rabbits from my little brother's friend. Not so expensive. Affordable. Not so cheap. Reasonable. At that time, I don't care too much about what my two brothers wanted to do. Let them be.

     But, eventually  I realized that playing with rabbits makes me happier. I always feed them with bran. Morning... Afternoon... Evening... Night... Ups! I don't feed them at night. Hehe. Every time when my relatives or my family's friends come to my house, they'll be shown to our cute rabbits, playing with them, catch them and so on.

     My rabbits breed very quickly. Sometimes they produce many offspring. How happy I am when that time comes. But as the rabbits increases, the cost to buy their food is also increases. If I sketch  a graph, it would be a straight line passes through the origin because the cost to buy food is directly proportional to the rabbits. Hehe. Eventually my family and I are very busy. So, we have no time to feed the rabbits. We think that it is better to give the rabbits to other people.

     Fortunately, my brother has a friend that wants to make rabbits as a pet. So we gave them the rabbits. Baby rabbits.... We sent them to their new owner at Johor Bahru. My brother's friend seems happy after seeing the rabbits.

     After a few months, my brother asked his friend about the rabbits that we gave him.

     "Arnab kau sihat tak?"

     "Oh, arnab tu sihat je kat dalam ni." 
*Pointing to his stomach* 


haCks aYeiN said...

citer pasal binatang je.. pasal kami xnk citer ke.. hehe~

Ahmad said...

taknak... lepasni cter pasal binatang lain pulak hahaa

haCks aYeiN said...

ade ke binatang len lagi kt umah tue.. ke nak citer psal jack.. hehe~